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19th Seoul Music Awards

what more can Kyu request for his birthday other than winning ‘high popularity awards’?? MagnaeKyu even said the acceptance speech himself… ❤

Happy KYUday… ❤

edit: Bonsang Winner, Hallyu star winner, Combine stage…

2nd edit: Super Girl and Sorry Sorry, Kyu’s Birthday cake, Super Junior cut.

I was screaming rhoughout the Supergirl song,  members dancing to SuJu-M’s Super girl, KYAAAAA!!!!! Sadly, no Kangin, Hankyung, Heechul, Kibum, Henry and Zhoumi…. ..

Lol, Wookie looks so energetic clapping his hands for his magnae Kyu… 😛

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Kyu’s Birthday

I cried through out the video. Because i have encounter some of it. People around me keep asking me why i love them, why i put hopes around them. They always say that I’m weird to love someone like that, they said that K-pop boy idols in general are gays because??

1. Hair ( Are you jealous because they have nice hairs?)

2. Hug with other guys ( that is what it is called as friendship. )

3. make ups ( They are artists, so it’s normal for them)

4. tight pants (Have you heard something called fashion? )

5. No talents, only looks ( Excuse me, have you heard our precious magnaeKyu’s voice? )

Lots and lots more, these are just some questions that my families always asked me. I tried to answer them without being rude.  Those in brackets are they one that i really want to answer them but in real life, i can’t protect our 13 boys. And at those times, when i really feel like crying, i would listen to their songs, their voices will make me happy again..

But the truth is, those people are the ones who are actually at loss, because they can’t feel this rare love like we do. This love is rare, this one sided love, this thousands people to one love, is RARE!!!

Anywhoo, i feel great realeasing my anger here… Thanks for reading. That video are made for Our GameKyu, DraKyu, KimKyu, ChoKyu, MagnaeKyu, PRINCEKYU’s 22nd, (23rd in Korea) birhtday!!!

Kyuhyun Oppa, Sengil Chukhae!!! Saranghye Oppa!!! ❤

Super Junior + EverLastingFriends = 1

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There’s no Wookie at the first part because it was the introduction… BTW, watch the rest at ELFZONE’s youtube… 

I was practically screaming when i saw Ryeowook’s name and Sukira together in my youtube homepage….  First it was Kyuhyun, then Ryeowook. And it was 28th Jan 2010 edition. I’m not so sure if it’s just now or the day before because Kiss the Radio is always at around 12 am… So i guess the next one would be Siwon/ Donghae??? 

Eventhough i didn’t understand a single thing they were saying, i feel great by just watching my precious Wookie there… Wookie-ah, Saranghye!!! ❤

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the Leader and the Magnae

I totally have to put this up… It’s just cute to see both the oldest and the youngest of the group together… ❤ them sooooo much… FYI, it’s 27th of January 2010, YESTERDAY!!!! KYA!!!!! Sukira Radio.

Go to her channel to watch more.. and this video is not in sync… but it’s worth it to watch them..

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Idol World Cup

remember than idol world cup, those which the idols take during champange show…  I found an interesting link.. Try it and find who is your ideal man… XD

There’s one time that i got either Ryeowook or Kyu…

Mine is….. Kim Ryeowook…

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Hello people

Hello people!!! Sorry for not uploading in a reallllllly looooong time.. Anyway, as you guys now, yesterday was Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in Beijing!!! Hankyung, Kibum and Kangin wasn’t there…. I really gave high hopes for Hankyung to be there, because well it’s his hometown right… but then noooo he wasn’t there….

anyway, i won’t upload the photos as i believe there are other people who upload the photos in their wordpress already… A LOT of people, so i won’t do that… Anyway, i need your help.. Do any of you play starcraft?? Yes the Kyuhyun starcraft… i want to play that game, but not on the computer because whenever i go to the computer my main objective is the internet and not games…. I need starcraft for nintendo ds… Please help me, comment me if you guys know where to get it… TQ guys


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Super Junior MV from debut till now!!!

Super Junior’s Behind the scene music video.. I know these videos have been there for a long time… But when i re-watch these videos, somehow i still can’t control myself and ended screaming like a fangirl… ESP ryeowook’s part… Gosh he is so adorkable…

Super Junior 05… Twins/ Knock Out

It’s SuJu05.. So Kyuhyun wasn’t there… and Eunhyuk’s hair is a bit creepy.. hahaha.. and sorry guys..  can’t find the eng subs for this one.. but it is worth watching

Super Junior 05 miracle

No Kyuhyun as well 😥


Do you realize that they slow down the music for the mv filming?? I think it is so they could dance more clearer… right?


I want to hug them sooooo badly… XD

Don’t Don

They must’ve feel tired to film through out the night and the next day too…. and KyuWook… Saranghye!!!! At the end, it proves that Ryeo was innocent.. When his hyung was talking about the other members leaving early, he gave excuses that they maybe have some other schedule… haha and i love the part where Donghae replied that he and Eeteuk was also having another schedule, and then he made his facial expression like, ‘owh okay..’ hahaha. so cute.

Marry U

Well, there aren’t much behind the scene video with enough ryeowook exposed.. I think this is the only video that have enough Ryeowook to satisfy my needs.. haha I really like that part where Ryeo said awkward and came closer to the camera… and during the acappella version… i wish Eunyuk was me… hehe and and the part where they took selca… Gosh, poor wookie, i think kyu was a bit mean when he said, your face was actually big… hehe.. Poor wookie…

Dancing Out

If only i was a fan of them a bit earlier, then i would totally go there(Malaysia)… it is only 2 hours from my country…

Sorry Sorry

It’s You

I feel sorry for theme to actually film the mv until the sun rises…. and then goes with promotions, reality shows, radio shows?? Then when do they actually get some rest??? And then SJ-M’s super girl… *sigh** poor them and Hankyung…

Sorry Sorry Answer

If you watch the MV… At the end of the video, somehow you can see kangin’s picture there with the other Super Junior members… How creepy.

4jib??? Haha you have wait!!! ❤

Owh, peeps… I will not be uploading behind the scene of SJ-T, SJ-H, SJ-M, SJ-K.R.Y.(if any)…. You can find them on youtube..

Thanks to the subbers and uploaders of the videos… Thank you very much..

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Kangin charged $8000

Kangin charged 8000,000 won for his DUI and hit and run incident.

I know he can pay that amount but i just wish that his company will pay it for him on his behalf… And im still uncertain about the 4jib.. What if kangin and Hankyung wasn’t there?

There won’t be any super junior without them both.. I just hope, Leeteuk keep his words, to protect Super Junior.

Kangin hwaiting!!! Hankyung hwaiting!!! SUPER JUNIOR hwaiting!!!

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Another evidence of Super Junior’s 4th Album.

Sukira’s Kiss the radio scrip… The scrip is long, but i just want to point out this fact… Ryeowook and yoga? wow.. ❤

100107 Ryeowook working hard for 4jib
EH: Recently our Ryeowook is in the dorm learning some form of yoga. Now he really wants to dance properly, & also build up his body, also for the 4jib, he’s working really hard to build up.
ET: Hmmm 4jib…

original; kimseohye @ cyworld.cn
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net
found & requested by; viragis @ sj-world.net

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Super Junior 4th Album?

Members presented: Eeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, DOnghae & Siwon. This is where Teuk said that they will release the 4th album soon!!!

MC: (introduce the translator)
MC: First question, Have super junior had kimchi while they’re here in Thailand? If not, they can have ‘namprik’ first (namprik is like.. Thai chili paste)
Eeteuk: Yes, we had kimchi last night. but should we introduce ourselves first?
SJ: 1 2 3 Hello We are Super Junior!
MC: Last week, It’s You was one of the songs sang at the competition. How do you feel about it?
LT: We’ve heard about it so we looked it up. We think they’re good because the contestants had to sing in Korean. We’re flattered and we must work harder for fan in the future!
MC: That’s sweet of you
MC: Calm down, calm down (speaking to the fans who are screaming non-stop lol) What are you here for this time?
LT: As you can see, in front of us, it’s Yamaha Fino motorcycle. We are here again as the presenters, filming CF
MC: Could you ask them .. if I need a ride out the soi (soi = alley? lane?) How much would they charge? (like motorcycle service) lol I’m joking!
LT: (laughing) Free!
MC: Ok a question from fans. From now, what are the upcoming events or things fans can look for in the near future?
LT: WE ARE HAVING THE 4TH ALBUM SOON!!! and we will be here again for Motor Show at Yamaha Booth (if I’m not mistaken, Motor Show will be held in March)
MC: Now let’s welcome Yamaha’s Executive Producer..
(and he thanked Super Junior for coming and gave them flowers) and the contestant who got the highest score from last week… We’ll let Super Junior announce the winner!
LT: KPN.. 5 (contestant #5)
SD: Yeahh … key.. (lol)
MC: Thank you Super Junior … Thank you translator…

Source: ELFZONE@ youtube

Video credit: MaEmOo@kjfun.proboards103.com

Translation credit :  h.사랑@sj-world.net

Since it’s the leader who talks about it, so i 13elieve him… 4jib, Hwaiting!!!!

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