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19th Seoul Music Awards

what more can Kyu request for his birthday other than winning ‘high popularity awards’?? MagnaeKyu even said the acceptance speech himself… ❤

Happy KYUday… ❤

edit: Bonsang Winner, Hallyu star winner, Combine stage…

2nd edit: Super Girl and Sorry Sorry, Kyu’s Birthday cake, Super Junior cut.

I was screaming rhoughout the Supergirl song,  members dancing to SuJu-M’s Super girl, KYAAAAA!!!!! Sadly, no Kangin, Hankyung, Heechul, Kibum, Henry and Zhoumi…. ..

Lol, Wookie looks so energetic clapping his hands for his magnae Kyu… 😛


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Hello people

Hello people!!! Sorry for not uploading in a reallllllly looooong time.. Anyway, as you guys now, yesterday was Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in Beijing!!! Hankyung, Kibum and Kangin wasn’t there…. I really gave high hopes for Hankyung to be there, because well it’s his hometown right… but then noooo he wasn’t there….

anyway, i won’t upload the photos as i believe there are other people who upload the photos in their wordpress already… A LOT of people, so i won’t do that… Anyway, i need your help.. Do any of you play starcraft?? Yes the Kyuhyun starcraft… i want to play that game, but not on the computer because whenever i go to the computer my main objective is the internet and not games…. I need starcraft for nintendo ds… Please help me, comment me if you guys know where to get it… TQ guys


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I found this tooooooo cute XD

Just some Yesung pictures… i know, it’s kinda weird for me to find Yesung cute, but this fanart picture just made my day… XD

cre: klaud.org | drawn by Momo
reup: LaCrymaMosa

Haha it’s a fanart of his in star golden bell… It’s funny because he has this serious face plastered on his face(like ussual), and he was pressing on his buttons… hehehe CUteXD

And the next one is not that cute.. but i just want to point out something…

Credits: Sungmin Wings | Reupload by Blue`Princez@SJ-WORLD.net

Well this is the promotional picture for Sungmin and Yesung’s new stage act… Well, the point is, Sungmin still looked like a pretty boy while Yesung really looked like those from the past… haha as expected from the ordinary guy… Yesung Saranghye!!! Hwaiting!!!

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Super Junior MV from debut till now!!!

Super Junior’s Behind the scene music video.. I know these videos have been there for a long time… But when i re-watch these videos, somehow i still can’t control myself and ended screaming like a fangirl… ESP ryeowook’s part… Gosh he is so adorkable…

Super Junior 05… Twins/ Knock Out

It’s SuJu05.. So Kyuhyun wasn’t there… and Eunhyuk’s hair is a bit creepy.. hahaha.. and sorry guys..  can’t find the eng subs for this one.. but it is worth watching

Super Junior 05 miracle

No Kyuhyun as well 😥


Do you realize that they slow down the music for the mv filming?? I think it is so they could dance more clearer… right?


I want to hug them sooooo badly… XD

Don’t Don

They must’ve feel tired to film through out the night and the next day too…. and KyuWook… Saranghye!!!! At the end, it proves that Ryeo was innocent.. When his hyung was talking about the other members leaving early, he gave excuses that they maybe have some other schedule… haha and i love the part where Donghae replied that he and Eeteuk was also having another schedule, and then he made his facial expression like, ‘owh okay..’ hahaha. so cute.

Marry U

Well, there aren’t much behind the scene video with enough ryeowook exposed.. I think this is the only video that have enough Ryeowook to satisfy my needs.. haha I really like that part where Ryeo said awkward and came closer to the camera… and during the acappella version… i wish Eunyuk was me… hehe and and the part where they took selca… Gosh, poor wookie, i think kyu was a bit mean when he said, your face was actually big… hehe.. Poor wookie…

Dancing Out

If only i was a fan of them a bit earlier, then i would totally go there(Malaysia)… it is only 2 hours from my country…

Sorry Sorry

It’s You

I feel sorry for theme to actually film the mv until the sun rises…. and then goes with promotions, reality shows, radio shows?? Then when do they actually get some rest??? And then SJ-M’s super girl… *sigh** poor them and Hankyung…

Sorry Sorry Answer

If you watch the MV… At the end of the video, somehow you can see kangin’s picture there with the other Super Junior members… How creepy.

4jib??? Haha you have wait!!! ❤

Owh, peeps… I will not be uploading behind the scene of SJ-T, SJ-H, SJ-M, SJ-K.R.Y.(if any)…. You can find them on youtube..

Thanks to the subbers and uploaders of the videos… Thank you very much..

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Sungminnie’s new cat

This is so cute that i have to put this up… This is his cyworld update from 10/01/10

2010.01.10 23:41
Title : The first introduction ~^^

This is Sen ~^^
It has been about one month since he/she came to the house…
He/she is Hyaku’s 1-month-younger dongsaeng

source : 이성민 미니홈피
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

I remembered he once said somethingin his Cyworld about sen, with white letters, remember???

Many thanks.

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Happy 24th(25th) Birthday Sungmin OPPA…

24 years ago on this very day, a cute angel was sent to earth.. His name is Lee Sung Min. Now 24 years later, he became an idol and completes the heart of every teenage girls..

Happy 24th Birthday (25 in korean) SUNGMIN Oppa

I can’t believe you are 24 already… He look like an 18 years old guy doesn’t he?? *sigh*, maybe because his face is so smooth.. (Jealousy has risen)

Please keep being cute because you cuteness are our sunshine… and i wish you and Kangin for a better friendship…

Sungmin Hwaiting, Super Junior Hwaiting..

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MBC Gayo Daejun

For this MBC gayo Daejun, there’s no other special stage for Super Junior, they only perform their Sorry Sorry and It’s You..

I really LOVE their enterance.. Because the first two who came is my two favourites… Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, i was practically screaming throughout this video. Basically i like the enterance and the ending

Next is the It’s You performance… Their opening and ending was perfect as well, i wish i could see all 12 boys on stage again.. and Ryeowook’s hair and heavy eyes are PERFECT… Saranghye Ryeowook ah.

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