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SBS Inkigayo Olympic Special (Shindong, Heechul and Leeteuk)

I bet most of the E.L.F.s have heard about the trios being the mc for the Inkigayo special, i was really looking forward to it.. They were great, they don’t even hold any scripts… And and Sulli from f(x) replacing the previous female mc for the inkigayo too… I haven’t seen Sulli being an mc, but i guess f she starts from a very young age then i believe after 5 years or more, she will be a great mc..

OMG, she’s even younger than me and i feel old.. 😛 Anyway, 5 years after today, she’s not even in her 20s, wow…  Anyway, enought about Sulli, here’s the video, thanks to 4minniemink.. ❤ u

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