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SBS Inkigayo Olympic Special (Shindong, Heechul and Leeteuk)

I bet most of the E.L.F.s have heard about the trios being the mc for the Inkigayo special, i was really looking forward to it.. They were great, they don’t even hold any scripts… And and Sulli from f(x) replacing the previous female mc for the inkigayo too… I haven’t seen Sulli being an mc, but i guess f she starts from a very young age then i believe after 5 years or more, she will be a great mc..

OMG, she’s even younger than me and i feel old.. ūüėõ Anyway, 5 years after today, she’s not even in her 20s, wow… ¬†Anyway, enought about Sulli, here’s the video, thanks to 4minniemink.. ‚̧ u


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Hello people

Hello people!!! Sorry for not uploading in a reallllllly looooong time.. Anyway, as you guys now, yesterday was Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in Beijing!!! Hankyung, Kibum and Kangin wasn’t there…. I really gave high hopes for Hankyung to be there, because well it’s his hometown right… but then noooo he wasn’t there….

anyway, i won’t upload the photos as i believe there are other people who upload the photos in their wordpress already… A LOT of people, so i won’t do that… Anyway, i need your help.. Do any of you play starcraft?? Yes the Kyuhyun starcraft… i want to play that game, but not on the computer because whenever i go to the computer my main objective is the internet and not games…. I need starcraft for nintendo ds… Please help me, comment me if you guys know where to get it… TQ guys


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Super Junior MV from debut till now!!!

Super Junior’s Behind the scene music video.. I know these videos have been there for a long time… But when i¬†re-watch¬†these videos, somehow i still can’t¬†control¬†myself and ended screaming like a fangirl… ESP ryeowook’s part… Gosh he is so adorkable…

Super Junior 05… Twins/ Knock Out

It’s SuJu05.. So Kyuhyun wasn’t there… and Eunhyuk’s hair is a bit creepy.. hahaha.. and sorry guys.. ¬†can’t find the eng subs for this one.. but it is worth watching

Super Junior 05 miracle

No Kyuhyun as well ūüė•


Do you realize that they slow down the music for the mv filming?? I think it is so they could dance more clearer… right?


I want to hug them sooooo badly… XD

Don’t Don

They must’ve feel tired to film through out the night and the next day too…. and KyuWook… Saranghye!!!! At the end, it proves that Ryeo was innocent.. When his hyung was talking about the other members leaving early, he gave excuses that they maybe have some other schedule… haha and i love the part where Donghae replied that he and Eeteuk was also having another schedule, and then he made his facial expression like, ‘owh okay..’ hahaha. so cute.

Marry U

Well, there aren’t much behind the scene video with enough ryeowook exposed.. I think this is the only video that have enough Ryeowook to satisfy my needs.. haha I really like¬†that¬†part where Ryeo said¬†awkward¬†and came¬†closer¬†to the camera… and during the acappella version… i wish Eunyuk was me… hehe and and the part where they took selca… Gosh, poor wookie, i think kyu was a bit mean when he said, your face was actually big… hehe.. Poor wookie…

Dancing Out

If only i was a fan of them a bit earlier, then i would totally go there(Malaysia)… it is only 2 hours from my country…

Sorry Sorry

It’s You

I feel sorry for theme to actually film the mv until the sun rises…. and then goes with promotions, reality shows, radio shows?? Then when do they actually get some rest??? And then SJ-M’s super girl… *sigh** poor them and Hankyung…

Sorry Sorry Answer

If you watch the MV… At the end of the video, somehow you can see kangin’s picture there with the other Super Junior members… How creepy.

4jib??? Haha you have wait!!! ‚̧

Owh, peeps… I will not be uploading behind the scene of SJ-T, SJ-H, SJ-M, SJ-K.R.Y.(if any)…. You can find them on youtube..

Thanks to the subbers and¬†uploaders¬†of the videos… Thank you very much..

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Sorry Sorry Answer MV Making

Sorry there’s no subs… When the video with the subs is uploaded, i will put it up here… K..

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Super Junior at SBS Gayo DaeJun

First up is their made video, where they roam around the roads around people with their white face mask on. Some people just ignore them and some look at them like ‘WTH’… but if they knew they person behind the mask is Super Junior, i bet they all will cheer for them… ūüėÄ

Next up is their Sorry Sorry performance… It’s a bit confusing, Heechul was their as the MC but why is there only 9 people of Super Junior perform,.. and not Heechul??¬†

It’s You Remix…. Not to complain or anything, but i think they sing it a bit too fast.. But¬†nonetheless.. they still rocks!!!

Im not a big fan of SNSD, and Im not an Anti-fan of SNSD.. But this video… *sigh*… I don’t know… it makes me dislike them more..

It’s a two in 1 video…

The beginning is Muzik(4 minute), by Shindong of Super Junior, Key of Shinee and LeeJoon and Mir from MBLAQ

The last part is the butt dance Mister(Kara), by WooYoung and Nikhun from 2pm and 2 people from BEAST.

Next one is not much on Super Junior… It’s F(x)’s CHU… First they did a magic trick and came Shindong with Donghae’s fask mask… Then they said no because they want Donghae and then Shindong¬†Disappears.. Then during their performance Shindong magically appears again, and then he¬†disappears¬†and the girls do the magic again…. Donghae appears..

It’s not much on a magic trick because the camera shows the place where Donghae and Shindong comes from… DUH!

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Sorry Sorry claims 2nd spot at the overall music bank k-chart 2009

Just like what the title stated, Sorry Sorry claims the 2nd spot at the overall music bank k-chart 2009 tonight, they lost to none other than their dongsaeng, SNSD with their hit ‘Gee’..

Eventhough SNSD win, i still think Super Junior should be number one… Whatever happens, they will always be my number one…

Their performance today is almost the same like the one in Golden Music Awards.. ¬†at the end of their performance… They camera was at Kyuhyun(for a really long time)… and he seriously look hot… I scream like a mad lady when he sings the ‘SHAWTY’ part… Everything was perfect, but Heechul, Hankyung, Kibum and Kangin wasn’t their.. Kangin because of his DUI, Kibum because of his movie, Hankyung maybe because of the contract problems, But Heechul???? Maybe, just maybe because of his drama, or maybe because of Hankyung and the contract?? Who knows.. I miss them 13.. I Miss Super Junior’s dork-ness… *sigh* I just hope every thing will be fine.

There’s also a special stage by Snsd, Shinee and F(x), they did great.. Especially f(x)..

Special stage by MBLAQ and BEAST was also worth watching… but one thing i wish they do is… spend more time on the dances, the one where they dance the famous songs’ dances..¬†

Special stage by Seong yeon(Kara), UEE (After School), Ga-In(BEG) and Hyuna (4minute), was okay-ish… Their dance, i thought it was disturbing… I mean, they should work at a strip club instead(except¬†for Seong Yeon)…¬†

T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep was so cute… With their paws and christmas attire, i think they did a great job.. 4 minute’s hot Issue and Muzik was centered too much on Hyuna.. 2ne1 and kara did a really good performance…¬†

2pm was awesome, i just wish Jaebeom was there… Somehow every Heartbeat performance really fascinates me.. Because they always try to add something new at every performance.. This time, they were dancing to Again and Again, and then at the end, they fall as if they were¬†shotted.. And then the Heartbeat performance start… Two thumbs up!!!

But the overall performance was great… I had a smile plastered on my face the entire show. It was entertaining.. Super Junior, Hwaiting!!!

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Life complains..

What’s up with people lately?? Urrggghhh, if just killing is not a sin, then i will kill them.. no doubt…¬†

1. Some one i know just pissed me.. I mean, i know you’re that mad, but there’s no reason to discriminate some ethnic group. It’s not like you’re perfect anyway…¬†

Someone posted something about how she hate her chinese workmate, and that karma happens, because that chinese mate did something to her and yeah… and then she said, “In your face, you stupid chinese!!” ¬†And then this person i stated above commented, she said, “yeah, it’s normal, it’s a bit pain in the ass to work with chinese people….” Now, what the HELL??? Are you perfect miss? I don’t think so. So shut the hell up. Don’t you know that it hurts to read comments like that?¬†

Above(from left to right): Shindong, Yesung, Heechul, Siwon, Hankyung, Kangin, Leeteuk... Bottom(from left to right): Kyuhyun, Donghae, Sungmin, Kibum, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook


2. I know this is nothing to do with ¬†me but… HANKYUNG…. Eventhough i don’t know what’s the real truth, but i trusted you.. Maybe your 13 years contract is too long for you and no holiday for the past 2 years maybe tiring, but what Kyuhyun said was true… People don’t backstabbed those who give them food, without SME Hankyung will not be as famous as now.. Am i right or wrong?? So fans, please stop saying that you hate SME… I’m not blaming anyone, this case, there are pros and cons..

Maybe SME got greedy and take full advantages through Super Junior.. Maybe Hankyung feels that his wages are not enough in compare to him contributing his whole body and mind into it.. I don’t know…¬†

Arrrgggghhh i feel like screaming right now… Rumors said, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Leetuk, Donghae and Yesung are following Hankyung… That will be +- half of Super Junior!!!!!!!!!! I think im crazy right now… I can’t imagine my life without Super Junior… Whatever happens, i wish for it to have a smooth process… What will happen in 2010?? **sigh**… and Super Junior-M temporarily disband? I think they are in the midst of popularity right now, so temporarily disbanding is a really bad idea.. What about the rest of their Super Show concert??¬†

Im crazy, I’m Crazy.. WHY do these things happen?? I mean, if everyone in super Junior is against SME then it will be fine by me.. But,¬†splitting¬†into half?? What if their friendship got awkward? What pissed me of more is that, Super Junior’s main dancers are all in this(except shindong)… and most of super junior’s main mc are also in this(Except shindong and heechul)… but only one of super junior main singer is there(sigh)..

Any-who, Super Junior Hwaiting!!! HanKyung Hwaiting!!! Leeteuk Hwaiting, Eunhyuk Hwaiting, Yesung Hwaiting, Kangin Hwaiting, Donghae Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saranghyeo, always.

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