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You’re Beautiful

This Drama is a must for every K-dorama addict… It is even better then the lame Boys Over Flower.. no offence but im not a huge fan of Boys over flower just because of Lee Minho. If anyone doesn’t know.. i think he is the third choice for the role Go Jun Pyo… The first choise is TVXQ’s leader, U-know Yunho, but because at that time they were busy with their Japanese single so they refuse the offer.. The second choice was You’re Beautiful’s hero Jang Guen Suk.. He was also busy filming for Beethoven virus at that time, so he refuse..

But this drama is even better than B.O.F. in many aspects.. 

First let me introduce you to the cast.

Park Shin Hye… as Go Mi Nam and Go Mi Nyu

… as you all know, she have been in a few dramas, namely Goong S, Tree of Heaven and her debut Stairway to Heaven..

… In this Drama, she plays the role of Min Nyu(girl) and Go Mi Nam(Guy).. Basically she plays the role of a twin.. Go Mi Nam went to America because something went wrong with his plastic surgery.. at the same time the band A.N.Jell was looking for a new member, and Mi Nam was introduced to the group.. to save Go Mi Nam, his sister went in his name.. Min Nyu became Mi Nam and enters A.N.Jell..

Jang Geun Suk… as Hwang Taek Kyung

.. I didn’t he was this beautiful, but in the drama, he plays the guy with a very bad cocky attitude, with lots of eyeliner as well… He is the leader of A.N.Jell, with a very good voice… in the story, he is the second one to discover that Mi Nam is actually a girl, but Mi Nam(Mi Nyu) always thought that he is the first because Shin Woo keep it secret… 

…eventhough he hate Mi Nam(Mi Nyu), he always save Mi Nam from all the problems she made…

Jung yong Hwa(C.N.Blue)… as Kang Shin Woo

…In this story, he portraits a very soft, romantic guy… I personally would love a boyfriend like him… He is very romantic, but he seems to be always at the wrong place, and wrong time..

…He is in a band called C.N.Blue(Code Name Blue), which will debut this January 8th i think.

Lee Hong Ki(FT Island)… as Jeremy

According to A.N.Jell’s fan, he came from England and he refuses to marry the Princess of England, Princess Anna to go to Korea and become a Rock Star.. So in this story, he owns blonde hair… 

…He is the cute Jeremy, (more like Sungmin), he is innocent, because when he fall for Mi Nam, he thought he was GAY.. haha

..He is the lead vocalist of F.T. Island where my beloved Seung Hyun is in.

UEE(after School), as Yoo Hye Yi…

… It is funny because when you say Yoo Hye Yi fastly, it becomes UEE.. lol

…I’m not a huge fan of UEE even before watching this drama, because like Hyuna, she got al the spotlight, while her members are hiden behind her shadow… Anywhoos, she plays a good BITCH in this drama, so it makes me hate her more… She seems to be the same like in the drama.. haha

My reasons to watch this drama..

1. Super Junior my love

haha as usuall, i know it’s a bit annoying… but watch the video below and you will understand.. I’ve watch the video below, long ago.. and then because i have a lot of free time, i decided to watch the drama..

and the below s my favourite part, i can’t even say their names as fast as her..


They did Genie Parody, i know it’s at the end but… The parody is cool so yeah..  I love how HongKi tried to convince that he is Jessica, just like Heechul, they are the AB brothers indeed… Taek Kyung, i did know he look that beautiful as a girl… 

3. F.T. Island Lee Hongki..

Just because i want to see how well he acts..


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Hello World!! I used to own a blogspot account and because of exams i was inactive for basically half a year, and then i decide to inactivate my account… And now i feel that emptiness, Usually when something big happened at the K-pop or J-pop world, i feel like screaming and telling everything to the world, but then i don’t have any sisters and my brother is not into this fandom, moreover my parents… 

.. my friends?? my best friends are not into this fandom as well.. some of my close friends are but then when i want to tell them something, i think i spend too much time on them and i ended leaving my best friend alone, and now we have this awkward relationship because basicaly my everyday social topic is about K-pop and J-pop.. 

I’m currently 16 and my life revolves around the internet.. I used to say, i cannot live without the internet, but the truth is… I can, it’s just that my life will be as dull as the pitch black hole with no rainbows to complete my world…. Owh, F.Y.I. i will mostly blog about K-pop and J-pop, not much about my life though… 

Now back to my Fandom…

I used to be a huge fan of NewS.. It stands for North East West South because the members came from all parts of Japan… Yes its a J-pop group… The members are 

  1. Tegoshi Yuya (My Pink Ero-Prince)
  2. Masuda Takahisa – Massu (The yellow pig)
  3. Yamashita Tomohisa – YamaPi (The red Hot Leader)
  4. Nishikido Ryo – Ryo (The Blue Poison Tongue)
  5. Kato Shigeaki – Shige (The Green Brainiac)
  6. Keiichiro Koyama -K-chan (The Oldest Orange Ramen)

As you can see i ranked them according to my liking, Tegoshi is my first while Shige and K-chan is on my bottom list.. The reason im not into them anymore is because they don’t have that much activity anymore… I know that is not their fault, it’s Johhny’s for favouring Kat-Tun over NewS.. But then, sigh, they used to have concerts at the end of every year, but there’s none this year…This year, they only release 1 single… and individual music video… I haven’t heard anything from them for a while now… So yeah… I still listen to their music though… Stil in love with them, but not that much anymore… Now…

Im a really Devoted 


Yes, Super Junior is Love…they are indeed 13eyond your imagination..

I’ll post more about them in the next post as i have so much to say about the brilliant SuperMan… 

I also like other idol grounp such as TVXQ, Big Bang, Kara, SS501, FT Island, F(x), SHINee, T-ara, SNSD, Secret, and many more… I will tell you more about them as well..

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