SM! this is Bullshit!!!!

Okay, now you hit my boiling point… Probably most of you have already know this, but i read this in someone’s wordpress and just ignore it, i didn’t know it will be as big as this!!!

Both of these pictures are said to have some sexual insults towards SNSD…. and the artist who drew this has already apologized… He said that this is an intrepetation that girl groups now adays get there fans by their sex appeals…

Don’t get me started but isn’t that what SNSD really look like to us?? with shorts/skirts as low as they can get, at least they an cover the main parts… and the tops are as revealing as it can be???? Well that is what SNS means to me…. 

And now the stupid SM watns to take legal actions towards this man…. They said that this man apologize that his intentions are misunderstood and that he haven’t apologize to SNSD themselves…

Now listen, another lawsuit with SME?? Im getting tired… First TVXQ, then Hankyung and now SNSD??? What the hell man… Can’t they just say that SNSD was deeply hurt?? Why Lawsuit?? and it is stupid that SME filled Lawsuit against this cartoonist, if that’s the case, they should really do research through out the internet and file lawsuit against those who writes bad sexual fanfics about their most LOVABLE SNSD!!!?!!!!!???!!…

…. Outrageous!


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  1. bibi

    a piece of shit!

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