Shindong Updates his Twitter with Pictures…

Most of the pictures are those with fans waiting for them…

The FINO bike, was probably given to him. But pink? I always thought pink was Sungminnie’s colour.. But i knew that shindong owns a pink bike back in Korea.. And now, another pink bike? Wow..

Both Leeteuk and Shindong seems to be tired… Poor them..


edited, as more pictures are uploaded

haha lol, his previous picture contains some food he ate(Maybe), some sushi.. So i decided not to put it up… XD

I think he bought it or get it for free.. Tehee

It’s a bit sad to see only 5 of them there.. I wish i can see all 13 of them in a CF together… **sigh**.. It’s also quite dissapointing to see only the more famous members are there… Where is Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Yesung… The MAIN vocal of the group?? *sigh*..



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One response to “Shindong Updates his Twitter with Pictures…

  1. I like they smile like that, it’s mean that SuJu are fine..

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