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Happy 24th(25th) Birthday Sungmin OPPA…

24 years ago on this very day, a cute angel was sent to earth.. His name is Lee Sung Min. Now 24 years later, he became an idol and completes the heart of every teenage girls..

Happy 24th Birthday (25 in korean) SUNGMIN Oppa

I can’t believe you are 24 already… He look like an 18 years old guy doesn’t he?? *sigh*, maybe because his face is so smooth.. (Jealousy has risen)

Please keep being cute because you cuteness are our sunshine… and i wish you and Kangin for a better friendship…

Sungmin Hwaiting, Super Junior Hwaiting..

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MBC Gayo Daejun

For this MBC gayo Daejun, there’s no other special stage for Super Junior, they only perform their Sorry Sorry and It’s You..

I really LOVE their enterance.. Because the first two who came is my two favourites… Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, i was practically screaming throughout this video. Basically i like the enterance and the ending

Next is the It’s You performance… Their opening and ending was perfect as well, i wish i could see all 12 boys on stage again.. and Ryeowook’s hair and heavy eyes are PERFECT… Saranghye Ryeowook ah.

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What did I do wrong? I know i once treated you guys so bad, but i didn’t expect this coming.. I know it’s not as bad as what I did to you guys but it hurts so much… I don’t know why but I’m on the urge of tears right now..

Im so sorry… You guys we’re there for me, but since i joined the Debate club, i became friends with other people and leave you guys out… I know people said, Bestfriends are those who laugh and cry with you… But i think i took advantage of you guys, i only go to you guys when i have problems… But when everything seems perfect, i spend my laughter with someone else….

… For that I’m so Sorry.

But for today… Eventhough im mad… I still think it’s all my fault…

I just wanna say that i LOVE YOU GUYS…

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KBS Gayo Daejun

It was surely amazing… Super Junior shines like Super Man does… 

First up is Super Junior Dance Time.. Almost every member wear caps so I can’t see Kyuhyun… I can easily see Ryeowook because he and Yesung are the only ones who doesn’t wear caps..

Next is the joint stage, this is where they dance the 2009 popular dances… It’s a bit confusing to pint point which member is which.. unless you replay the video for bazillion times.

Next up is Sorry Sorry…. It’s the normal version… except for the middle part, where Yesung was about to sing… The added the normal.. Sorry Sorry then Shawty Shawty… 

Next is the Michael Jackson tribute..

Ryeowook and Nicole(Kara)… For a brief second(Hours), i was totally jealous of Nicole… I mean, duh! THEY have eye contact, who wouldn’t be jealous… But then im not a huge fan of nicole so i don’t think i commit any crime for talking bad about her but… can you see that she always looked at Ryeowook while Ryeowook doesn’t look at her that often.. and everytime they have this eye contact, she smiles… God, Nicole’s dan… don’t kill me… Any whoos here’s the video..

SNSD, Super Junior and SHINee’s Smooth Criminal..

K.Will, Yesung, Onew(SHINee) and Kara’s Heal the world..

ANYWAY, enough with Super Junior… here are two performance that i really like..

2pm Boom Boom Pow: just because they rip their clothes off, *sigh* i miss Jeabeom, he is the best in ripping off clothes.. Lol, Junsu.. Everyone’s clothes were off but his clothes are still hanging there..

and last but not least. SNSD(Sunny, Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany), Brown Eyed Girls and Davichi: I’ll be there.. Their Soothing voice, i looooveeee… But BEG doesn’t have that much singing time.. Jessica+Tiffany holding hands was a plus..

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It was mere rumors

The news about the other 5 members of Super Junior namely Eunhyuk, Donghae, Yesung, Kangin, Leeteuk who was said to have filled Lawsuit against SME just like what Hankyug did was just a rumor… 

SM even wrote a statement with the signature of the 5 members stated above…

Thanks to allkpop for the picture…

I just hope this nightmare will put to an end… Super Junior Hwaiting!!!

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Comedian Lee HyukJae parody Sorry Sorry

I can hear him say ‘Daesang’ and he make fun of other mcs..

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Sorry Sorry Answer MV Making

Sorry there’s no subs… When the video with the subs is uploaded, i will put it up here… K..

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